Who is Ascension Press?

We are a Catholic publisher specializing in providing quality faith formation resources since 2001. We have been recognized by Church leaders and educators for producing ground-breaking and award-winning Catholic study programs, videos, books, audio talks, a blog, and live events.

Why should I choose Ascension?

Our studies give you the tools and flexibility to run them as large parish studies, as smaller faith-sharing groups, as courses in a Catholic school, or as part of your whole family catechesis. We have helped tens of thousands of groups establish a successful culture of faith formation and enrichment, and our additional resources make planning, running, and participating in studies a transformative life experience rooted in faith and community.

What is the Continuum, and how can it help my faith formation planning?

Choosing the right program for your group can be a daunting task. The Continuum helps you meet your group members’ needs on their faith journey by identifying the best studies to fill the gaps in their formation. The four stages of the Continuum help you choose the most impactful program for your group and plan your upcoming studies easily. Call our Study Consultants at 1-800-376-0520 to learn how you can build comprehensive faith formation programs.

Joining a Study Program

How do Ascension studies work?

All our study programs are designed to provide a transformative experience. We incorporate three important steps to give your group a fruitful study experience: (1) engaging video presentations, (2) lively small-group discussions, and (3) thought-provoking at-home preparation. Our programs help you and your group come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Faith, which helps you grow closer to Christ and put your faith into practice.

How do I join a study?

Finding the right study and joining is simple!

  1. First, create a free account (or login to your existing account).
  2. After signing in, visit your Dashboard, and select “Studies I’m Taking.”
  3. Click “Join a Study” to view all the studies offered in your area. You can search the map with your zip code to see which studies are closest to you.
  4. Select the study you would like to join, and register for it. Your registration includes your study materials and access to the study videos during your study.

My parish is not running a study. Can I still participate in a study?

If your parish is not currently offering a study, you can search for studies in your area by visiting your Dashboard and selecting “Join a Study.” Enter your zip code, search for the studies near you, and register for the study you would like to join. Access your study through the “Studies I’m Taking” tab. If you cannot find a study in your area, consider starting a new study of your own in your Dashboard. It’s fast, easy, and affordable. All it takes is four people to get started.

I received an “invite code” and registration link from my study leader. How do I use it?

Receiving an invite code and registration link from your study leader via email means your workbook has already been purchased. Follow the link in the email, and create a free account (or login to your existing account), and use your invite code to register for the study. Please note: You should only use your invite code one time. Once you register with your username and password, do not use your invite code or the same email to register another user.

Can I do a study by myself using Ascension’s digital study platform?

Currently, the digital study platform is only available to groups. By participating in a group, you experience a strong sense of community, a deeper connection to your faith, and intimate discussions. Our digital study platform makes participating in group studies easier. However, you can purchase the study materials you need (including the DVDs or CDs and a leader’s guide or workbook) and do a study independently.

Starting and Leading a Study

How can I start a study?

Starting a study is fast, easy, and affordable.

  1. Create a free account (or login to your existing account).
  2. Visit your Dashboard. There, you can preview our study programs and select the one you would like to offer.
  3. Enter your group’s name and select whether or not your group is associated with a parish.
  4. Next, you will enter your group’s study information, (i.e. group name, meeting dates and times, meeting location, etc).
  5. Next, you can choose to purchase your group’s materials for them or invite people to register on their own through the “Manage My Study” feature on your Dashboard. Note: You will need at least four people registered for your study in order for your group members to view the study videos online. DVD sets are also available for purchase to view study sessions.

Once you have four people registered for your study, you are all set. You can manage your study, view the videos for it, start a new study, and much more on your Dashboard.

Can my parish have more than one study group?

Yes, your parish can have multiple study groups, but a leader can only be associated with a single group (each group is associated with a specific leader’s email address). For example, a parish can simultaneously have a men’s group, a Bible study group, and a youth group, each led by a different leader.

Does my study group have to be associated with a parish?

No, it does not. Your group can be a private group of family and friends, or it can be associated with an organization that is not a parish.

Can I preview Ascension’s studies?

Yes, you can preview an entire session of any of our study programs. To do this, create a free account, go to your Dashboard, and select “Preview Study Programs.”

Do I need to purchase the Starter Pack or study DVDs in order to run a study?

No, signing up for a free account allows you to preview our study programs and start a new study without having to purchase a Starter Pack or DVDs. Once you have four or more people registered for your study, your group will be able to stream the study videos online for the duration of the study. Having the DVDs can still be helpful. They can be used if the location where your group meets does not have access to a strong Internet connection.

Can I purchase the registrations and study materials for my leaders and participants?

Yes, you can. Login to your account, click “Lead a Study,” and select the study you would like to run. After setting up your study, you can purchase all of the leader and participant materials and registrations you need for your group. To do this, visit your Dashboard. Select “Studies I’m Leading.” Click “Manage” on the study, and select “Purchase Study Materials.” After purchasing the materials, you will be sent a confirmation email that will include an invite code along with a template for an email you can send to your participants. The template includes the invite code and a link that your participants will use to register for your study. Your participants’ study materials will be sent to you for you to distribute.

How can participants register for my study on their own?

Once you have set up your study, participants will be able to register for your study on their own. You can also send them an invitation to register. To do this, go to your Dashboard. Click “Studies I’m Leading.” Then click “Manage” on the study, and select “Invite Participants.” This will send them an email with a link to register for your study. You can also share this link on your parish website and social media pages. (You will be sent a copy of the invitation email, which will include the link for you to share.) Anyone using the link can register, pay for your study’s material, and have the workbook shipped directly to his or her address.

How do my participants and I gain access to the online study videos if we have already purchased our study materials?

If you have already purchased the necessary study materials, one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you start your study. Please call us at 1-800-376-0520.

What additional resources do you offer to help me lead a study?

We have numerous resources to help make planning and leading your study easy. We offer a variety of materials, like pulpit and bulletin announcements, Study Consultant assistance in faith formation planning and scheduling, the Continuum vision for faith formation, live and video-based leader training, and more. Much of this is available on our website. Our Study Consultants are here to support you every step of the way and to help your study succeed. Call us at 1-800-376-0520.

How do I determine how many leaders and facilitators I will need for my study?

Having the right team will help you create an engaging study experience. We recommend estimating your group size to determine how many facilitators you will need to lead your small-group discussions. It is ideal to have one facilitator for each small group of approximately eight participants. If you choose to order workbooks for your participants, we also recommend ordering extra workbooks for possible last-minute registrations. Still need help getting started? Our Study Consultants are available to help you answer any additional questions. Give us a call at 1-800-376-0520.

Using Ascension's Digital Study Platform

What does it cost to use Ascension’s digital study platform?

Having an account is free. There are no contracts or fees of any kind. Once you start a study and get at least four people to register for it, you can stream your study videos for free. A single registration is equal to the price of a workbook or leader’s guide, plus shipping and handling.

I heard about a Premium Account. What will it feature and when will it be available?

The Premium Account will offer advanced features and administrative tools. Stay tuned for more information.

Is AscensionPress.com secure?

Yes! We take your security and privacy seriously. Any information we receive from you or about you is strictly private (for more information, see our privacy policy). The site identity bar on the left side of the address bar will show a green padlock, ensuring the site is secure. This means your connection has not been intercepted, and it is encrypted. We work with the best providers to keep your data safe, and we take precautions to maintain our promise to you. If you have any questions, just ask us!

I have started a study on AscensionPress.com. When will I and my participants be able to view the videos for our study?

You and your group members can view your study videos once at least four people have registered for your study. The videos will remain available for the duration of your study and for an additional two weeks after the end date of your study.

Can I control when participants have access to session videos?

Yes. As the study leader, you can set specific study videos (per session) to be either viewable or unviewable to your group. This is helpful if you want to make sure participants do not skip ahead in your study. To do this, visit your Dashboard. Select “Manage” on the study you are running. Then, select “Manage Lessons.”

I see my study on the map. Can I make my study unavailable to the public so that only the people I invite can register for it?

Yes. Visit your Dashboard. Select the study you would like to manage. Select “Edit Study Information.” Then, select “Yes” under “Hide From Map.” This will remove your study from our study locator map and make it unavailable to the public. This is helpful if you are running a private study or if your study is full and you can no longer accept new registrations.

I have already started my study at AscensionPress.com. How can I add additional participants and facilitators to my study?

You can invite more participants to register individually for your study or purchase their registrations for them through the “Manage Your Study” page. Their study materials will be sent directly to them. If you need to register more facilitators, and those facilitators need to purchase leader’s guides, call us at 1-800-376-0520, and we can help you.

What if I have participants who have previously done the study we are running and already have their study materials? Can they register without paying?

In order to access the online videos, participants need to purchase a new registration each time they do a study, even if they have already done the study in the past and still have the study materials they used previously.

I had a previous Evangelization.com account. Do I still have access to the studies that were in my digital library?

Yes. If you had purchased studies through your previous Evangelization.com account, those studies will still be available for you to view. To do so, visit your Dashboard, and select “My Previous Library.” There, you can view the videos for all of the studies you had previously purchased through Evangelization.com. However, keep in mind that with your new free Ascension account you no longer need to purchase a Starter Pack or DVDs in order to start a study and you are not limited to your previous Evangelization.com library!

Can I download the videos so I can view them without a Wi-Fi connection?

No. The study videos are only to stream online in our digital study platform. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi or for some other reason are unable to access the videos online, we recommend you purchase a DVD set.

Can I run a study internationally?

You can run a study internationally by purchasing the videos and study materials from us or one of our international distributors. Ascension’s digital study platform is only available in the United States. We are working to expand this service internationally.

What if I need technical support?

We are here to help your study succeed. Contact us at 1-800-376-0520, or email us at support@ascensionpress.com for any technical support you need regarding our studies!

Dated: September 23, 2016